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Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar was founded in 1977 as one of the pillars of the development of the Herzegovina region. Today University consists of eight faculties: Agro-Mediterranean Faculty, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Economy, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Information Technologies, Faculty of Law, and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Study programs are organized according to the Bologna principles. Students come mostly from Herzegovina and mid-Bosnia, but also from the rest of the country. Additional University capacities include Institute of engineering, Institute for design and testing of materials and construction, Educational center, the International Centre for Philosophy, Institute for economic development, Institute of Biology and Chemistry, University Library, Multimedia Centre, International  Relations Office, Quality Assurance Office, Centre for biotechnology and Centre for Career Development.

University mission is to organize a wide range of educational processes of different contents and levels, to perform theoretical, applied and emerging scientific research, to become one of the leaders in the education of young experts necessary for the development of economy and society, as well as to promote cultural and social development of our region and country. 

The vision is to create relatively small and flexible university recognizable in the region of Mediterranean and further, with internationally recognized multidisciplinary educational programs based on the latest teaching methods according the needs of local, regional, and international labor market; to participate in the shaping of future and emerging knowledge and technologies; and to introduce international standards into education in order to become a generator of the society development.

As a part of the efforts to fulfil its mission and achieve the vision, University has good cooperation with national and international higher education and research institutions, as well as local entrepreneurship. Apart from close cooperation with seven other public Universities of B&H, and membership in B&H Rector Conference, Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar has signed bilateral and multilateral Cooperation Agreements with Universities in Spain, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovak Republic, Finland, Austria, Macedonia, Egypt, and Norway. Together with its partners, and utilizing the teachers and students potential, the University is implementing a number of projects, funded from different programs and aiming a wide scope of goals, from purely scientific to almost completely socially oriented. The most numerous projects that University implemented after the war are Tempus projects, closely followed by DAAD and WUS-Austria supported projects, than IPA, FP, and of lately Mevlana supported staff and cooperation development. It is our firm determination to continue and strengthen our own potential in applications for Horizon 2020, as well as scientific projects funded by the Republic of Turkey, and other available sources.

Student Union of Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar is an independent nongovernmental student organization, aiming to support students in their activities and to protect their rights. It is a member of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Student Association, as well as of the European Student Organization. Students of three technical faculties are additionally organized in a branch of the BEST organization, as the only participating university branch from B&H. As active members, they organize competitions and summer schools in effort to provide additional value to traditional education.